Does Your Home Need Electrical Upgrades?

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At Exclusive Electric Service Inc., we have worked on a wide variety of projects over the years, including installing electrical upgrades. In our experience, it is often difficult for homeowners to tell when they need electrical upgrades, so we have put together this article to help you figure out whether it’s time to update your system.

Does Your Home Need Electrical Upgrades?

• Your Circuit Breakers Trip Frequently – One of the most common signs of an outdated electrical system is having your circuit breakers trip frequently. While every home will have the circuit breakers trip every once in a while, if it seems to be happening every few weeks, then it’s likely there’s a problem with your wiring or that the breaker can’t handle the amount of power in your system. Either way, you will need one or more electrical upgrades to resolve the issue.

• You Only Have Two-Prong Outlets – Another common example of outdated electrical components is two-pronged outlets. These old-fashioned outlets are more than a simple inconvenience—while it is no doubt frustrating to not be able to plug your modern appliances with their three-pronged plugs into them, the bigger issue here is that two-pronged outlets aren’t grounded. With ungrounded outlets, you run the risk of getting shocked every time you plug something in.

• Your Home is Old – A third sign you need electrical upgrades can be found in the age of your home—if your home was built more than fifty years ago, then your wiring could almost certainly use an update. Most modern appliances use more power than older wiring was designed to provide, and you will get better performance from these appliances by replacing your old wiring.